Sipping Diamonds from my Teacup….Opulence!

Teacup Diamonds😘☕💎👄💄


Silk Lining


The silk lining of life chances, do  not always comes out smooth. There are some rough edges trying reach goals and accomplish our objectives we have set for ourselves.

But, living for the beauty of elegance that brings positive thinking helps you see clearly and not focus on what’s in front of you that may seem negative.

Keeping your eyes on the prize and not looking down at life and the situation can bring greater achievements to life lessons and allow you to continue to push forward and not use life like a rearview mirror.

It is easier standing and believing in yourself …makes life circumstances that much better knowing how fabulous you are.

Teacup Diamonds👄

Teacup Diamonds☕💎😘💋👄💄

Ambassador for Humanity?: Nigeria, Boko Haram & Fantasies of Benevolent Intervention

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central-accord-opens-in-coloful-styleIt’s no surprise that imperial states think of themselves as having a monopoly on humanitarianism. In the words of President Obama, the United States has for decades been “an anchor of global stability.” Even filmmakers buy into this charade. Recently Steven Spielberg, in one of his less known departures into the world of science fiction, honored President Obama for his humanitarianism at an event organized by the Shoah Foundation. Obama was recognized as an “Ambassador for Humanity” whose “interest in expanding justice and opportunity for all is remarkably evident.” It’s easy to laugh at fantasies of this kind but when national leaders attempt to act on them they should be examined more seriously. Nigerian militant group Boko Haram has kidnapped over 200 schoolgirls and US policymakers and the “free press” have exploded into a fit of pro-interventionist hysteria. It’s hard to escape media reports about the ruthless cruelty of Boko…

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Wear Your Worth

In today’s life we forget our worth and rather spend the cost of material possessions, and lose notice on spending time with self and exceed the value of our net worth of life presence by using the beauty of life’s gravity. Your worth should always exceed any material worth and label your life more valuable than anything that do not have breath. Your worth should be like diamonds in a crystal glass of wine, the worth increases in beauty with fragile care and delicate age.

Have a Diamond Bless Day

Value Sense!

This is one sense that some common people do not value everyday AND that is “COMMON SENSE”!

We should take full advantage OF this sense AND began to make it not only common but a cosmetic, a bath, bathe in it daily, because the purpose isn’t only for your well being but for others by showing them You have consideration for them as a person.

Example: Thank You (common sense),  You Welcome (common sense), Pedestrian (common sense)  A park with some one else’s name on it. …..MOVE (common sense), Can I help You (common sense) AND that just to name a few!

So, When You on the outside do not just look into doing for self with no consideration for others. …BE helpers one to another, it’s a blessing behind it!

Have a bless, AND Diamond Day!

Words OF Beauty

Your words should always display beauty, your words should BE applied like make up, You want your makeup to be flawless. When getting dress You want to have the proper fit. When choosing what shoes to wear You want to feel comfort.

When We speak or give a kind word to yourself AND others You want to apply the right words to help put a smile on that person face.

When speaking to some one who’s having a bad day You want to find the proper words to fit their situation, to make their day go smooth.

When someone maybe going through something in a relationship or something has occurred in there family, You want to find comforting words to give them comfort AND strength.

When You out on the town, You dress it all up, You know You looking GOOD as You wanna look, know one can tell You something, You do not want to hear because You look good to You AND that’s all that matters!

So, When someone do something to really make You mad, angry or disappoint You, no one can’t say anything to You, because nothing is going to take away the look You have, You will not dress down for no one, who is trying to undress your HAPPINESS, YOUR, JOY AND MOST OF ALL YOUR STRENGTH! 😀

Have a Bless AND Diamond Day! :-*